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Aim Hire Texas is a statewide consortium of advocates, employers, non-profit organizations, and education and training providers working to improve the Texas workforce system for the benefit of all Texans and their employers. Sign up for legislative action alerts here:

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An initiative of Texas 2036 and co-chaired with the Commit Partnership, AHT seeks to align our state’s education system and skills development programs with the urgent and future needs of Texas employers, expanding opportunity for Texans from all backgrounds and enhancing talent as a strategic asset for the continued growth of the Texas economy.

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Texas employers also cite soft skills and general problem-solving skills as challenges to fill today

What are your top challenges in filling talent needs?

Which skills are most difficult for you to find?

Creativity, critical thinking, and curiosity are foundation skills…and critical for lifetime learning
Skilled trades are blending & the type of person we're looking for needs to be multi-skilled
There's an extreme need for technical skills...and no relevant local training programs due to 
our rural location
Students are waiting to be told the answer and are easily discouraged rather than looking for answers themselves for the joy of learning


Develop interpersonal and complex problem-solving skills by incorporating team and project-based learning into school curriculum 


Strengthen recruitment of women & communities of color to increase employer access to larger talent pool


Expand funding & training capacity for skilled trades

Education is among the most important functions this state serves. But too little thought and research have gone into whether future generations of Texans will be able to find a job, or whether Texas employers will be able to find home-grown talent in the Lone Star State. Aim Hire Texas was created based on the premise that every Texan should have the opportunity to contribute to our economy, and to do that, Texans need to know what skills the marketplace wants and be connected with Texas employers who want to hire them.

Margaret Spellings, President and CEO - Texas 2036

As we’ve frequently advocated, data often represents the voice of marginalized Texans who aren’t adequately heard or represented. Their voice is critical in determining what we as a state prioritize in terms of improving workforce development. Because we deeply believe that all Texans should participate in our prosperity, this coalition’s work is essential to the future of our increasingly diverse state.

Todd Williams, CEO - The Commit Project

Statewide workforce initiatives like Aim Hire Texas provide the data that students, educators and businesses need to equip Texans with skills that will help them all succeed in a rapidly changing economy.

Dr. Brenda Hellyer, Chancellor - San Jacinto College District and Chair - Texas Association of Community Colleges

By helping the state turn its workforce into a strategic asset, Aim Hire Texas will spur economic growth. This work is long overdue. It will help underemployed Texans move into higher-paying jobs, create a more highly skilled workforce to fuel growing businesses, and attract more employers to Texas.

Dale Petroskey, President and CEO - Dallas Regional Chamber

A good job does more than add to someone’s quality of life — it provides stability for themselves and their families,” Rojas said. “In this, what’s good for individual Texans is good for the entire state and its economy.

Adrianna Cuellar Rojas, President and CEO - United Ways of Texas

Rural communities are vital to Texas' economic health, and the rural education-to-workforce pipeline is a critical part of Texas’ workforce conversation.

Ellen Ray, Chair - Texas Rural Funders

Talent is a strategic economic asset for Texas. The better we do to prepare workers with the skills that the 21st century demands, the stronger our economy will be. That process of building skills begins before someone enters kindergarten, and it never really ends. Aim Hire Texas will help ensure Texas’ pipeline of creativity, innovation, hard work and talent remains our most competitive asset.

Bob Harvey, President and CEO - Greater Houston Partnership

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