Employer Survey

Seeking insight from employers on the value of more and better workforce data

Linked below is a survey for employers about the data they report to our state and federal governments and how that data is collected and used. The survey is anonymous, unless you choose to provide contact information for follow-up discussion. 

LINK TO SURVEY: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JTFVNKG

We’re  seeking insights from employers about opportunities to gain value from the data employers report to the state and federal governments. As explained further in the survey, there is currently an opportunity to significantly strengthen talent pipelines and improve unemployment insurance administration and fraud reduction by improving the state's workforce data collection and reporting systems. We intend to use responses to inform stakeholders about the employer community’s views on how the state can best take advantage of this opportunity. 

Any individual at your company knowledgeable about its employment data reporting is well-suited to provide responses, such as your HR leadership/staff. If you have questions about the survey or would like to discuss topics related to workforce data, please contact Hans Voss, Manager, Projects and Initiatives at Texas 2036 at [email protected].