Aim Hire Texas Policy Coalition

Working alongside state lawmakers is critical to achieving our goals of growing workforce talent across Texas. That’s why we’ve formed the Aim Hire Texas Policy Coalition.

The Aim Hire Texas Policy Coalition is a growing, non-partisan partnership of business leaders and education advocacy organizations spanning the entire state. The goal of our coalition for the 88th Texas Legislative Session is to improve the state's community college finance system to address workforce shortages, increase the wage-earning potential of Texans, and grow the state's GDP. See the members of our steering committee listed here.

For the past year, Aim Hire Policy Coalition members have been monitoring the work of the Texas Commission on Community College Finance and making recommendations to this interim body for the purpose of strengthening Texas' workforce. Learn more about these important issues by reading our full report to the Commission and exploring our additional resources


Our 2023 Policy Priorities for Community College Finance Reform:

1. Improve outcomes-based funding that incentivizes student success in the workforce.

2. Ensure all community colleges have the necessary funding to maintain instruction and operations so students in all regions of Texas can participate in growing their regional economies.

3. Increase financial aid to ensure student affordability so that more students have the opportunity to obtain postsecondary credentials by eliminating barriers of cost and accessibility.

4. Strengthen partnerships between education institutions and industry.

5. Further educational equity.

6. Enhance collaboration and cost-sharing across higher education institutions.


Learn more about each of our Policy Priorities here.


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If you lead an organization related to workforce and/or higher education in Texas and would like to join the coalition, email [email protected]

We need your help to ensure passage of student-centered community college finance reform in the 88th Texas Legislature. By providing your contact information, you will receive regular updates providing you with opportunities to connect directly to your representatives in order to advocate for important improvements to our state's higher education and workforce development systems.